Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Playing Favorites

Here's a messy one. I don't think these guys are enemies. It's more complicated. It's more like, "Well since I grew so big now I guess the best idea is to throw ya. You'll get home real quick."

It's like a giant drunk step-dad Wolverine. Not mean. Just drunk.


laseraw said...

awesome, man!
saw a note on it through neatorama
good luck this!

i have some wolvies on my the earlier posts at my blog but its been a while since i've done anymore...

cool!! keep it up!

taylor said...

this blog is the best thing that's ever happened to me. i do mean that.

M. Mitchell said...

love this too much, please go as long as you can!

Chester Greenbag said...

Supercool!, owesome work!, Wolverine is my favorite character (and Spidy too...shhhh!).

Keep rocking!

A big hug from Argentina.

Erasmo Acosta said...

Hey men! can i give you a wolverine that i make? :D

for this blog :d

Brian said...


Kevin Hanna said...

Gid, yo.

I've been digging on this for days until I realized that it was by you.

Not bad man.

-Kevin Hanna