Monday, March 17, 2008

I have a fever.

Mouthless Wolverine seems real nice. Like he'd be all up in your indie comic with the no dialogue and no catch phrases but he'd be badass cause he still fights cool and gets real mad but without the talking. You could even nod to the classic Marvel books and make the title a pun. Call it something like, "Silent Fight" or "Shhhhhnikt!"

I keep typing when I mean to stop typing.


Chuck BB said...

Brian said...

Now THIS is a Wolvering I can get behind! I guess, because, err.. he looks like Batman.

Keep your notebook on your stomach while you fever dream. Keep a PENCIL in your hand, or something else that is not liable to leak. I've started to do this while I nap and, not surprisingly, my notebooks are full of slightly crazy ideas written at all angles across the page.

Brian said...

I love Wolvering.