Friday, March 14, 2008

Spider Envy


Brian said...

For some reason the song I think he's walking to is "Private Eyes" by Hall & Oates.

ETM said...

YES!!! I have always wondered if superheroes have superhero envy. Like does The Incredible Hulk actually want to wear a cape and fly through the clouds in a red and blue spandex onesie? Or does Captain America wish he had an iron suit and could blast the shit out of enemies with sophisticated weaponry? Or does Batman... nah, I'm pretty sure Batman is secure in his superhero identity. Anyway... that tangent aside, thank you for this, Gideon - if that even is your real name. Made my day.

s6t2e5f said...

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I think there definitely is superhero envy.

but batman. no way. he's sure of himself. so sure he doesn't even wear the deodorant.

Jeffrey Thomas said...

HAHAHA This is better keep up with it!!!